Who We Are


Hello! We are husband and wife team, Jon and Niki Grant, sharing our passion to update homes in our area, one house at a time. We love finding old homes and dreaming up all the possibilities for how we can make them better serve the families of today. Thanks for visiting our page. Be sure to check out our latest projects on the blog!

What We Do


It's pretty simple. As we say, "Renovating Abilene One House At A Time," is simply what we aim to do. So we're in the business of finding homes and buying homes. Once we find a home we know we'll love working with, we often make a cash offer, and then get to the fun part! Walls come down, floors replaced, appliances updated, accents walls and custom tile added, charm maintained, and anything else we can dream up that will make this home perfectly functional and cozy for modern day living. We also have a list of rental homes upon request. If you're ready to purchase or sell a home, we'd love to hear from you. Be sure to email us or submit your inquiring here.

Join us on our latest projects!

We are constantly working to raise the bar with each project we take on, and we love getting to share the journey with you! Join us on our latest and current projects as we keep you up to date on the blog!